Help your customer transition out of their maturing lease with Timely Inspections!

Vehicles MUST be inspected PRIOR to Lease Maturity!

Remember to provide each of your iLease customers with the Isuzu Finance Lease Return Guidelines. Refer to the guidelines brochure for full details of inspection expectations.

Keep your customers informed about lease-end requirements and vehicle turn-in conditions. Full transparency means no surprises down the road. And no surprises means you have a satisfied customer coming back through your doors for their inspections and any necessary repairs.

Dealership Benefits of Timely Inspection:

  • Earn $250 when you complete your customers’ inspections using our NEW! Dealer Inspection Submission Form.

  • Assisting your customers with punctual inspections will assure that they are happy because they’ve satisfied all lease-end requirements. This will provide your dealership with an opportunity to get ahead of the curve on the customer’s next vehicle purchase.

  • Timely Inspections drive customers back into your dealership in order to identify and fix any excess damages. If the customer has needed repairs, your dealership is presented with an opportunity to provide them with parts & service.

  • If the customer chooses to return the used unit and not purchase it, this will give your dealership a fast and easy route to buy the off-lease truck for resale.

Lease Return Guidelines

Dekra provides Isuzu Finance customers with unbiased and comprehensive inspections to ensure that every vehicle is brought to turn-in condition prior to lease end. Dekra i2i is a new technology used to preform virtual inspections. All you have to do is contact Dekra and assist in taking live videos and pictures, and a Dekra inspector will complete the assessment.

Read the below documents to learn how you can set up an inspection with Dekra. Isuzu Finance will cover the cost for this Dekra appraisal, as long as the inspection is scheduled and completed PRIOR TO maturity.

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