Residential delivery being made using an Isuzu truck.

Physical Damage Coverage

Did you know that Isuzu Finance has a Physical Damage Protection Program designed to protect your customers from an unexpected loss to their trucks? By offering Physical Damage Coverage at point-of-sale, you can provide extra value to your customers and get them on the road faster.

Learn more about Physical Damage Coverage here!


GAP Coverage

GAP is a product which eliminates the borrower’s responsibility for the difference between the outstanding loan balance and the actual cash value of a totaled or stolen truck.

GAP Insurance really is a must for leasing and should be offered when your customer begins a lease. We’ve built GAP insurance options into our Isuzu Finance quoters. Contact your IFAI sales rep to learn how to offer it to your customer and include it in their contract. It’s easy and quick to sell. Profitability for you and protection for your customer. It’s a win-win!

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) is built right into our quoter.
We’ve made it easy for you to provide your customer a low monthly payment where GAP could help to protect their investment.

Benefits paid up to a maximum of $50,000.

Isuzu Finance GAP pays up to $1,000 for customer’s insurance deductible. Our GAP program protects your customer for the entire term of the loan or lease.

Isuzu Finance GAP protection can be placed on any finance contract that accepts GAP contracts. Isuzu Finance will allow GAP equipment up to $125,000 on medium-duty truck forms with a $50 surcharge. Please contact your IFAI sales rep for more information.

Maximum Dealer Mark Up = $1,050.

GAP COVERAGE MAX: 125% LTV Commercial Light & Medium Trucks
(Class 1-5)

Add $50.00 for equipment over $100,000

Term Loan & Lease Rate
0-60 Months $450
61-72 Months $450
73-84 Months $450


GAP COVERAGE MAX: Heavy Duty Trucks/Trailers @ 115% LTV
(Class 6 – 8)

Add $50.00 for equipment over $100,000

Term Loan & Lease Rate
0-60 Month Lease $750
0-84 Month Loan $750


 Click here for additional GAP forms

 Click here for GAP brochure


Gold Star Warranty

To assist customers who are unable to get a new Isuzu replacement truck, IFAI will Finance the Gold Star Warranty on used Isuzu trucks plus the inspection and repair costs.

  • Term depends on the age of the truck
  • Standard used truck rates apply
  • The truck will be collateral for the loan
  • We will refinance balances owed on the truck
  • Normal application procedures will apply

On approved Credit, IFAI reserves the right to amend or cancel this program at any time