0.99% Low APR Loan – Program Rate

2013-2017 MY 36 Months 48 Months 60 Months 72 Months
84 Months
Credit Tier A and B 0.99% 2.24% 3.24% 4.49% 4.99%



Eligible Models: New Gas & Diesel N-Series Trucks

  • $200 ClearChoice incentive
    ($100 for F&I manager, $100 for salesperson)
  • Dealer reserve up to 1% APR spread
  • 10% balloon option for 48-72 months
  • Value of contract will be capped at $45,000 per gas truck and $55,000 per refrigerated gas truck for 2012-2015 model year
  • Value of contract will be capped at $55,000 per diesel truck and $65,000 per refrigerated diesel truck for 2011-2015 model year
  • Acquisition fee: $250

*Programs are effective from January 1, 2016 through March 31, 2016. The payment of the incentive money is subject to Isuzu Finance’s receipt of the full acquisition fee for each truck being leased or financed. Dealership is responsible to review Program Guideline Updates, for Subsidy Programs, at www.goisuzu.net to determine if retail assistance is available. Isuzu Finance of America, Inc. reserves the right to cancel, amend or revoke the programs at any time due to business conditions or other circumstances. Decisions by Isuzu Finance of America, Inc. shall be final regarding the interpretation and/or application of any rule of the programs.

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