Commercial Vehicle Finance Products

We specialize in financing class 1-8 vehicles either new or used.

Whether you’re a small or medium sized business with a single truck or a large company with a fleet of trucks, Isuzu Finance can tailor a lease or loan to fit your business needs. Our rate, services and exclusive Isuzu programs are hard to beat. We offer leases and loans with simple interest fixed payments that lock in an interest rate.

Isuzu iLease – Exclusively for Isuzu N-Series and now the F-Series Class 6 & 7

The Isuzu iLease is our premier leasing product offering the most flexibility. It’s a Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease which means at the end of your lease you can simply walk away or you have the option to purchase the vehicle at it’s fair market value…Learn more about the Isuzu iLease

Key Benefits:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Flexibility at lease-end. Choose to return, refinance or purchase your Isuzu
  • Leasing gives you the freedom to drive a new Isuzu more often

Know what you need to do prior to your iLease maturity date…


Isuzu TRAC Lease

The TRAC (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) Lease allows flexibility based on your business needs (high-miles or heavy-use). At the end of the lease, you are responsible for the residual, but you can still lease a new Isuzu, refinance or purchase the truck for its residual value.

Key Benefits:

  • Multiple terms and various residuals
  • No mileage or wear and tear clauses



We provide loan options that can be tailored to meet your objectives such as simple-interest fixed payments that lock in an interest rate with no prepayment penalties, competitive rates and flexible terms.

Key Benefits:

  • Competitive, fixed rate
  • Flexible financing for new and used trucks
  • Various payment options: Skip, delayed or seasonal payments


Commercial Vehicle Line of Credit

Our Commercial Vehicle Line of Credit offers competitive rates and outstanding service…Learn more about a commercial vehicle line of credit for your company

Key Benefits:

  • Annual credit approval (up to 12 months)
  • Accommodates all eligible commercial vehicles, both Isuzu and non-Isuzu
  • Commercial vehicle credit lines starting at $250,000

Isuzu Finance of America offers a full range of finance and lease products

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