Is the Isuzu iLease right for you?

The Best Solution for customers who:

  • Prefer a Low Initial Cost and Low Monthly Payments
  • Own More Than One Truck
  • Are Concerned With Fluctuation in Maintenance Costs or Cost Per Mile
  • Need to Maintain a Good Company Image
  • Want a New Isuzu Truck
    • Excellent Driving Performance
    • Safer Operation
    • Lower Running Costs (Fuel & Maintenance)
    • Quality

Overall Advantages of Isuzu iLease

  • Pay ONLY for the use of the truck.
  • Exclusive to and offers high residual values to new Isuzu trucks.
    • Because of this higher residual value, customers enjoy lower monthly payments
  • Flexibility at Lease End
    • Exchange-Customers can buy a new Isuzu truck when returning the used truck. There is no residual value risk for customers and they can keep driving a new Isuzu truck with low monthly payments.
    • Refinance– Keep the truck and refinance with Isuzu Finance
    • Purchase– Purchase it at the Fair Market Value (FMV)

Customer Benefits of Isuzu iLease

  • Save cash by keeping your monthly payments locked in at a low rate.
  • Accounting & Tax Benefits– Please consult your accountant or tax advisor to see if you qualify for any accounting benefits.

Know what you need to do prior to your iLease maturity date!

Isuzu Finance of America offers a full range of finance and lease products

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